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Rahaf Company is one of the Libyan companies importing all kinds of oils and greases and it operates from Benghazi city.
And what distinguishes it from owning an exclusive agency for the products of Armor UAE to manufacture all kinds of oils and greases.

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Engine Oil

Xtreme Premium quality Motor Engine oil is formulated with OEM certified additives that gives suprior protection to gasoline and diesel engines.

ULTRA - Gear Oil

Ultra Gear oil is specialised gear oil contains highly developed sulphur-phos- phurous extreme pressure (EP) additives that are designed to meet rigorous demands of commercial fleet mannual transmissions , drive axels and final drives.

HD - Hydraulic Oil

HD AW Hydraulic Oils are premium quality anti-oxidant, anti-wear, anti-rust hydraulic oils for industrial hydraulic applications blended with selected high quality base stocks and special additives to give excellent dimulsibility, superior oxidation and thermal stability and excellent load carrying capacity

POWER+ - Marine oil

Power+ Marine system oil is premium quality lubricant for cross head diesel i=engine crank case system. It is especially effective in highly rated cross head engines with oil cooled pistons, power take-off (PTO) gear applications. It provides good alkinity, excellent resistance to corrosion, excellent detergency keeps crankcase and under piston spaces clean, good oxidation stability.

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